Friday, November 25, 2011

Fractions Match Game

Here is another math game I made to help my kids with fractions.

Fraction Match Game -

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday - Place Value

Here is a place value matching game for the holidays!

Christmas - Place Value -

Race to the Gift: Subtraction Game

It’s time for the Holidays!! The kiddos place one marker in front of each number and take turns solving subtraction problems with two dice. I use the dice in dice you can find at a teacher store. You can use anything for a marker…  I bought some little holiday erasers from the dollar bins at Target. The marker next to the answer for the math problem is moved forward one space. The goal is to get all the markers to the finish line. Students can even make predictions and guess which number will be the winner! I made this a game using an idea from a co-worker of mine Mrs. James. http://mrsjamesfirstgrade.blogspot.com/ Check out her website for more great freebies!

Holiday Race Game1 -

Reindeer Races - Subtraction Game

Here is another Subtraction Game! The students pick a reindeer and use a marker to move along the path. I just coupled this with some subtraction flashcards. The students pick one and if they answer correctly they get to move one space. If not they do not move. The first person to reach the gifts at the end is the winner!

Reindeer Races -

Monday, November 21, 2011

Greater Than / Less Than - Christmas

Here is the Christmas version of my greater than/ less than game I made. I added some "extra turn" cards too! Just put the cards in a stack upside-down on the table and the kids take turns. They pull a card, complete the math problem, and then decide where it goes. On the Greater Than 10, Less Than 10, or Equal to 10 mat. Happy Holidays!

Christmas - Greater Than Less Than 10 -

Spin and Write

This is something I added for my writing station today. You can use it for anything not just Thanksgiving! I drew eight pictures on the board. The kids at this station came up to spin the arrow. (I bought the magnet spinner at a teacher store) Then they had to write a sentence about that picture and draw a little something to go along with their sentence. They really liked it! We made a Thanksgiving book with the sentences they came up with.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Native American Art Project

This is a project I did with my kids this year and they had so much fun with it! They wrote in facts about what it would have been like to be a Native American in the 1600's. Example... "I am a Native American boy. My name is TomTom. My job is to hunt for my family."

We are also working on some Pilgrims to go along with the Native Americans we made. I included step by step pictures if you would like to make one!

Tracers... I also had a foot tracer.

 Fold the paper into 8 equal parts. I just used 8.5x11 but the big paper is neat too!

 I had the kids put an X in the bottom outside corners... those will be the arms. We also drew a triangle at the bottom in the middle. This will be cut out to make the two legs.

 Cut out the arms and triangle... make sure the kids don't throw the arms away!

Glue the arms on and you have the body!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Greater Than / Less Than

I made a quick greater than/ less than game for my kids today. The cards have both addition and subtraction problems on them, as well as a few addition problems with 3 numbers just to spice things up! :) Students pull one card at a time, complete the math problem, and place it on the correct turkey mat.

Turkey Math - Greater Than Less Than Full Game -

Pop Dolch Word Phrases

I bought a cauldron around Halloween and put these bubbles inside. The kiddos take turns pulling out one card at a time. If they read the phrase correctly they keep it… if not it goes back into the cauldron. If they get the “POP” card all of their cards go back in. My students had a lot of fun with this one!

Pop Game for Cauldron -

Compound Words

The next few weeks we are going to be working on compound words. Here is a game I made to help my students with this concept. All you need to do is cut the cards into 3 pieces and let the kids put them back together.

Compound Words Game -

Compound Words WS -

ABC Order

Here are two alphabetizing games I made for my class to do in our word work center! I put them with a worksheet so the kids can put the cards in order and write them down as they go.

Ice Cream Alphabetize Center -

Popsicle Alphabetize -

Ice Cream Alphabetize Center WS -

Popsicle Alphabetize WS -

Popcorn Dolch Games

Here are some games I made using the Dolch words. I went to Target and bought a popcorn container to put the cards in and the kids loved it! Print the cards and put them in a container or just in a pile upside-down in the middle of the students. The kids pick one card at a time… if they can read it they keep it but if not it goes back in the container. If they pull a “POP” card all their cards go back in the container. I made several different word lists at diffrent levels.

Popcorn Game- Dolch Primer -

Popcorn Game- Dolch Pre- Primer -

Popcorn Game- Dolch First Grade -

Popcorn Game- Dolch Second Grade -

Popcorn Game- Dolch Phrases -

Monday, November 14, 2011

S Blends Game

Here is a S blends Game I made using my Co-worker Mrs. James idea with a chip and dip bowl from the Dollar Tree.

What you need:
- One chip and dip container with 7 sections
- 1 Wooden dice
- and Cardstock paper

The kids pass out all the cards and then take turns rolling the dice in the middle. Whatever S blend they roll they get to place one of those cards in the correct labeled section. You can also add "lose a turn" and "extra turn" just to make it interesting.

S blends game -

Contractions Game

This game was inspired by my fake nephew Gabe… the coolest little skater dude I know!:) All you need to do is print it on cardstock, laminate, and cut! The students match the contractions. I also made a worksheet for them to record their answers.

Contractions 2 WS -

Contractions 2 -