Thursday, November 17, 2011

Native American Art Project

This is a project I did with my kids this year and they had so much fun with it! They wrote in facts about what it would have been like to be a Native American in the 1600's. Example... "I am a Native American boy. My name is TomTom. My job is to hunt for my family."

We are also working on some Pilgrims to go along with the Native Americans we made. I included step by step pictures if you would like to make one!

Tracers... I also had a foot tracer.

 Fold the paper into 8 equal parts. I just used 8.5x11 but the big paper is neat too!

 I had the kids put an X in the bottom outside corners... those will be the arms. We also drew a triangle at the bottom in the middle. This will be cut out to make the two legs.

 Cut out the arms and triangle... make sure the kids don't throw the arms away!

Glue the arms on and you have the body!

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